GTS Network Solutions Solves Your Every Technology Need

At GTS Network Solutions, we want to help your business run smoothly by providing solutions to your every technology need. From data backup and recovery to equipment upgrades, GTS Network Solutions provides high quality IT support, and network design services for your office.

Our goal is to grow the success of your business by helping you maintain productivity throughout your day, while also keeping your business safe. This includes keeping your data secure because we believe in helping you maintain secure relationships with your customers.

Here are a few things you need to know about GTS Network Solutions, and why having an IT Support team can make your workload easier on a daily basis.

Who We Are

We believe that having a committed IT Support team on your side is crucial to your success as a business and is necessary in order to make a positive impact on your customers. We believe that your clients and your office matters, and the work that you do is important. This means that you have something worth protecting!

Therefore, you should have an IT Support team that allows you to spend less time worrying about technical issues, and more time building a successful practice. We know that the hard-earned trust you have built with your customers is crucial to your success, and we want to assure you that your clients’ information is well protected.

What We Do

The reality is, problems are inevitably going to occur, especially with the ever-changing dynamics of technology and the workplace in general. This means that there needs to be a plan in place to prevent these issues, but also a reliable plan to fix issues that will occur. Problems such as data loss can have devastating effects on your business, including loss of customers, legal fees, and an overall added stress to your everyday functioning.

This is why we act proactively and use a monitoring service, that runs at all times, to alert us in order to predict issues ahead of time. Our team is also available at any time to backup and recover data, in the event that a problem does arise. Although our main goal is to prevent any computer/technology related issue from happening, our technicians are ready to assist you if the worst happens. We are available to help you both remotely and on-site because our passion lies in making sure your systems are running smoothly so that your business can function properly.

We believe in setting up a plan that is unique to your business needs, and we accomplish that by charging a flat-rate monthly fee. We want to save you money in the long run by having efficient systems in place that keep your business running smoothly. We promise not to hassle you with random or surprise fees for every problem that arises.

The GTS Network Solutions team is passionate about making your job easier because we know that a huge piece to that is the technology and computer systems you use every day. Therefore, we want to put the best systems in place, in order for you to thrive, to grow your business, and to build better relationships with your current and future patients.

If you think you’re ready to partner with an IT Support team, or if you just want more information, contact us to learn more about our services.

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